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SAP Quality Assurance Cloud

SAP Quality Assurance and testing remains one of the top challenges of SAP installations, according to SAP Application Managers. This is because the constant stream of new developments, support packs and changes that bring risk.

Our answer

We help you manage your system risks. The main tools used to do this are our iLab quality and testing methodologies, our SAP testing products all driven by our expansive SAP consulting experience and expertise. All this is combined on the cloud platform, so thorough systematic SAP testing (without any disruption) is the order of the day.

At EPI-USE we tackle the following scenarios on the SAP Quality Assurance Cloud Cloud:

  • Parallel runs during Support Pack Applications
  • End-to-end Support Pack Applications
  • Upgrades

Whether you want to get out of extended maintenance on SAP 4.7, add new functionality and technology of the latest SAP release, or wish to institute a continuous SAP quality assurance environment, contact us and we’ll make it happen.