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Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Our range of process implementation, software quality assurance, and project management solutions has proved itself in the local market, assisting customers in meeting their business goals.

Our core focus is quality. To this end, all our services and products are delivered within the framework of international standards, best practices, technologies, and methodologies. We maintain our standards through ongoing research, updating our own practices and educating our personnel to ensure quality delivery.

iLAB specializes in Software Quality Assurance services, providing global solutions to our customers. As a leading Software Quality Assurance provider, we offer a comprehensive and integrated service portfolio. iLAB’s solutions are provided through our best-of-breed methodologies and tools supported by our international skills base and proven competencies.

Our suite of services include:Quality Management

  • Quality Management
  • Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • IT Project Management and
  • IT Consulting and Assurance
We are uniquely positioned as an ‘independent’ service provider to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in our specialization.

iLAB employs software quality assurance professionals who deliver world best practices to all our customers. We strongly encourage staff to develop their individual and diverse skill-sets and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

iLAB’s geographically based structure of global offices is designed to bring the solutions to where our customers are. iLAB has offices in four countries – South Africa, USA, UK and Australia – and leverage on our holding company EPI-USE which has offices in over 20 territories.

As thought leaders in our niche market, iLAB has developed extensive skills in software quality assurance to fit customer’s specific needs. Typically, we are on-site at the customers’ locations handling the test life cycle either within the software development project or from an independent testing perspective.

Our systematic approach to quality and risk management enables our customers to focus on their core business functions and goals. Improved quality reduces the risk of business change and provides effective return on investment for IT projects. Unlike other testing service providers, at iLAB we possess expertise and experience over the complete life cycle of test and related services. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively managing several test projects simultaneously within a customer account. This is achieved by means of our unique customer engagement model which varies from full outsource to project based testing. iLAB has produced a number of recognized subject matter experts in both the business logical and technical domain of software testing and quality management.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, iLAB maintains a diverse set of competencies. We have established two Centers of Excellence, being Service Engineering and Technical Engineering. The extensive knowledge base within these two Centers has been created through the employment of established thought leaders in their field of specialization. Their creativeness and innovation contribute to global trendsetting and enhancement of our proprietary methodology.

Our exceptional functional technical expertise and extensive industry experience makes iLAB the ideal choice for a project and testing partner to manage the quality assurance and risk mitigation of application systems.

Financially we boast a sound balance sheet and a track record that has been gained through sustained high rates of growth in the market.

We create customer awareness of the importance of quality and risk consciousness considering emerging trends. We are passionate about quality!

Visit our website to learn more at www.ilabquality.com